India let loose terror to bag benefits from unstable Bangladesh

Mohammad Zainal Abedin:

Zainal AbdinBangladeshis in general helplessly observe how India reaps the benefits of all the odds that that Bangladesh faces since 1971. They are sure there is no country in the world, but India, which patiently works to delete the existence of Bangladesh from the world map.  They without any media propaganda believe that Indians manipulate a series of upheavals and impose them on Bangladesh one after another.  While talking to the common Bangladeshis at home and abroad since the mayhem they had identical conclusion that the recent terrorist attack at a restaurant Dhaka that has shaken and shocked, was manipulated by India.  Knowledgeable sources in Dhaka confirmed that the episode Indian spy agency RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) now besets in Dhaka, it such attack could never be possible without the active participation of RAW. They referred to a media outlet that sketched bases of RAW  in Dhaka city. (http://roshikhakim.com/1797-2/)

The same outlet made a brief but horrific report regarding RAW (and others) presence in Dhaka. It says, Indian spy agencies developed dozens of secret camps in Dhaka city, ( not to speak of all over Bangladesh since 2009). These camps have been set up in rented residential houses where armed spies reside (to coordinate their operations in a most effective way). To conceal their identity, they move around the city in civil dress like those of common Bangladeshis.

To avert hazards they carry a security pass issued by the Bangladesh government. RAW opened two outlets in Sector No. 2 of Gulshan to oversee the Gulshan office of BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia, procure information on the diplomatic zones of Dhaka and to keep close eyes on Pakistan High Commission situated in Gulshan.

It says that Indian secret agencies opened bases in many areas, among others, in each of the following locations in Dhaka: Road charred-bodies-of-muslimsNos. 71 and 72 of Gulshan, Road Nos. 11 and 15 of Banani, Bodiuzzaman Road of Dhaka Cantonment, Road No. 6 of Dhanmondi, (Asad Gate area of) Mohammad Pur (adjoining National Parliament Building of Sher-e-Banglanagar), Commercial hub Motijheel and Old Dhaka. 

It needs to be mentioned that after Sheikh Hasina came to power in 2009 RAW under the concealment of exchanging intelligence information RAW operatives started to visit DGFI Headquarters situated at the Cantonment area of Dhaka. Subsequently RAW was allotted the whole of the fifth floor of the 14-storied mega Headquarters of DGFI. RAW made its bases at the Prime Minister's office, Prime Minister’s official residence Gonobhaban, enhanced surveillance at each cantonments of Bangladesh, influenced the Army High-ups to cleanse the Army removing the so-called pro-Islamist elements, and RAW operatives enjoy the privileges to remain present in all interrogations. An Army officer, Major Ziaul, was sacked in 2011 for disclosing these information who went absconded for life. RAW has started to open its camps in several locations in Dhaka since then, i.e., 2011. RAW operatives, using these camps are used to maintain their surveillance, conduct and coordinate their missions in Dhaka city (and beyond).

Pointing to the involvement of RAW, knowledgeable sources claimed that such attack couldn’t be possible without RAW’s blessing. They argued there is a huge presence of RAW and other agencies in the Gulshan diplomatic zone what is treated as the most protected areas of Dhaka.  RAW manipulated the attack to kill many birds with one stone. One of its immediate goals was to scare and drive away the foreign investors, buyers, experts, technicians, even diplomats from Bangladesh and choose India as an alternative


To justify their claim they said, all the 20 hostages were foreigners. Out of nine Italian nationals who were killed in the Dhaka mayhem six were the buyers of garment products.  All the seven Japanese nationals were working on a Japanese government aid project in Dhaka.

News media said that the terror attacks created so much  panic among the buyers that led many of them to cancel their scheduled meeting in Dhaka. Some of them opted to change the venue of the meeting and preferred to hold those outside Bangladesh preferably in India, Singapore, Hong Kong. A buyer already held meeting with the Bangladeshi garment owners in New Delhi on Friday last changing its scheduled venue in Dhaka. The prestigious UNIQLO, the largest apparel retail chain of Japan postponed their scheduled visit to Bangladesh. The company also puts its employees in Dhaka under strict alert and suggested them to be cautious in their movement.  About 80% of the export-earnings of Bangladesh are generated from garment sector. Bangladesh is BDRthe second largest readymade garment exporter, after China. India is desperate to beat Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering has postponed its 19th Annual General Meeting, which was scheduled to be held in Dhaka on July 23-28. Its venue has been shifted to the United States, which will be held sometime in September next. At least 350 foreign delegates were scheduled to participate in this meeting. Besides, a meeting on Tele-communications hosted by Asia-Pacific Network Information Center was scheduled to be held in Dhaka on September 29. About 450 foreign representatives were scheduled to attend the conference. But the venue due to the terror risk may be shifted to Sri Lanka or Thailand. 

Besides, terrorist attacks may erode investor confidence that could cast an adverse impact on Bangladesh’s ability to attract direct foreign investment. Bangladesh’s booming garment industry exports $26bn in apparel each year to prominent US and European retail brands, which now faces uncertain and unpredictable challenges. India will surely bag the benefits out of the unstable situation in Bangladesh. 

Another sector from which India will be benefited is the educational institutions that boomed in Bangladesh over the years that severely caused Indian interest. Managements, Students and guardians of private universities, even schools now face a tough crisis. Students, teachers and guardians feel the apprehension of police harassment and fake charges. Like madarashas now the private universities are being branded as the breeding ground of terrorists. Such propaganda will terrorize the guardians who may feel insecure to send their kids to these universities. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshi students will again make their way to India for higher studies where universities were mushrooming in the nineties, mainly for the Bangladeshi students. Over half a million Bangladeshi students once enrolled themselves in Indian universities, colleges and even schools that privileged India to suck huge foreign currency from Bangladesh. That trend stopped when private educational institutions were set up in Dhaka and elsewhere in the country.

The latest terror attack severely and seriously undermined the image of the private universities and panicked students and their guardians that will ultimately reinvigorate those educational institutions of India that fight for their survival.

Above all, the fundamental and clandestine goal of India of series of terrorist attacks in Bangladesh is to openly and legitimately deploy its troops in Bangladesh soil. After the terror attack India instantly stunning all quarters, officially requested Bangladesh to allow India’s so-called bomb-experts (who are virtually India’s hardcore soldiers and RAW operatives) what Bangladesh readily welcomed. Such hasty and volunteer step of India uncovers one reality that India for decades created problems for Bangladesh to resend its troops to Dhaka, whom India disappointedly and irritatedly withdrew in 1972.

Knowledgeable sources opined that RAW’s direct access to Bangladesh offered this spy agency to implement its blueprints to undo Bangladesh. The latest terror attack is a burning example, how India squeezes Bangladesh reap varieties of interests — right from financial to hegemonic ones. #

The Contributor:

A journalist & researcher, NY

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