India Tour: Sheikh Hasina Sits For Final Test

Mohammad Zainal Abedin: India perpetrates many tricks to salvage the weaning popularity of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It was 95681943extensively propagated that procurement of two Chinese submarines embarrassed India that prompted it officially to ask Bangladesh the reason of such a deal with China. It was also said, Sheikh Hasina clearly alienates from Indian orbit that terrifies India. According to media reports, Indian Defense Minister Manohar Paprikaand Indian Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat during their visits expressed India’s annoyance to Hasina and desperately asked her to enter a defense pact with India, allegedly to bridle Chinese influence. It is alleged that their languages and attitudes towards their concerned civil and military counterparts of Bangladesh were neither pleasant nor friendly what prompted Sheikh Hasina to postpone her scheduled visit to India in February last.

Indian proposals, that India seems to impose on Bangladesh, are totally unacceptable to the Bangladeshis what threw Sheikh Hasina to a horns of dilemma, as the Bangladeshis, except the Indian tentacles, in mass have already denounced them (Proposals). So it is an acid test for Sheikh Hasinar. Her tour will make it clear whether she still possesses minimum sense of patriotism to defy Indian pressure or not. If her independent move to get Chinese submarines or close relation with China is sincere and genuine, it will hugely be appreciated and welcomed in Bangladesh where anti-India sentiment is quite high and 90% people are deeply worried of India’s hegemonic policies and consider Sheikh Hasina as an Indian stooge.

So Sheikh Hasina gets a rare chance to reverse the negative conclusion of the Bangladeshi people about her what she earned over the years due to her pro-India tilt who, according to the patriotic forces, gave away huge strategic advantages to India that turn Bangladesh into its satellite state. The upcoming visit of Sheikh Hasina that starts on April 7 will determine Sheikh Hasina’s place in history and the very existence of Bangladesh as a Viable Sovereign Independent State ignoring Indian naked interference and influence. 

Analysts believe India will do everything to manage her placing lucrative personal gains alongside the sanguinary frightening consequences, in case of her denial to cow her down. India’s goal is to thoroughly bind Bangladeshi from all sides, what can be 100% done through a defense pact.  India is desperate to bring Bangladesh’s entire defense system under its control what is imperative to gradually wipe out its existence.

Most of the common people of Bangladesh, who are conscious and real patriots, believe, postponement of her visit and India relentless pressure on her are preplanned drama, to portray and popularize Sheikh Hasina as genuine patriot among at least to a microscopic section of people, who will believe Sheikh Hasina did her best not to agree with any such a treaty, but failed due to tremendous pressure. 

If Sheikh Hasina has minimum sense of patriotism (what she extremely lacks of, according to many) she will not bow down to enter a defense pact or sign any memorandum or award any verbal pledge to India in this respect. She must comprehend that Bangladesh doesn’t face any military threat from any country. The reality is that Bangladesh; if ever face military invasion or intervention it will come from India. So Bangladesh cannot sign a military pact with a probable invading country. On the other hand, common Bangladeshis, not to speak of military, never suffer from Myanmar-phobia. Myanmar is our friendly country, we have little problem with Myanamay. Myanmar doesn’t have any vision to capture our land. Still, if Myanmar ever dares to bid so, our BAB (Border Army of Bangladesh, I heartily propose to change the current name of BGB >Border Guards Bangladesh< as the term guard is disgraceful and disrespectful), not to speak of our Army, will be enough to teach Myanmar. So we don’t need to sign defense pact with India to deter Myanmar.

India’s covert and overt dream and policy are to wipe out the border of Bangladesh with India. Indian leaders, since 1947 made it clear that they temporarily consumed the partition of the subcontinent that paved the way to create a separate homeland, named Pakistan, for Muslims. Jawaharlal Nehru, in 1946 in a letter written and posted to late Ashrafuddin Chowdhury, the then President of Tripura (now Comilla) Distrcit Congress, wrote that if India required to be divided, the Punjab and Bengal must also be divided, so that the portions (of Punjab & Bengal) that join Pakistan could come back to India soon.  India availed our liberation war in 1971 as a vehicle to translate that dream of Nehru into action. With that end in view India, in the final days of our liberation war, militarily involved to snatch our victory and claim that our independence is a (so-called) gift of India, and India now shamelessly and illogically claims so and celebrates 16thDecember as the victory day of India over the Pakistan.

Indians right from a petty political activist to the prime minister, rural reporters to intellectuals, now disseminate that Bangladesh and Pakistan will merge to India. Modia didn’t lag behind in such propaganda. He opined saying, Bangladesh and Pakistan will automatically and peacefully merge to India for their identical and common culture and history with India.  Modi made such assertion despite knowing that the culture and history of the Hindus and the Muslims are not same, but in reality they are quite contradictory and antagonistic. Modis are idolatrous and they believe in polytheism while the Muslims believe in the Oneness of Allah. Still Modi not fallaciously and ignorantly, but deliberately, branded the Muslims and the Hindus as the followers common culture. Modi said so as India applying varieties of techniques are in progress to Hindunize the Muslim cultures and encage them into the orbit of India. Other than the aggressions to change the culture and language of the Muslims by Indian TV programs and films; Indian songsters, actors and actresses also play the most damaging and decisive role through holding cultural events in Bangladesh under the cover of cultural exchange.

On the other hand, a section of Bangladeshi print and electronic media has been managed to use such terms of Bengali language which are mainly vogue among the Hindus such as  ‘morodeho’, ‘proyato’, ‘somahit’, ‘jol’ and so many, instead of Muslim terms ‘lash’ (corpse), ‘morhum’ (dead/late); ‘dapon’ (burry); ‘pani’ (water) respectively and many more. The most terrifying and forcible aspects of Hindunizing the Bangladeshi Muslims are quite visible. Under the cover of Hindu ‘Dol Jattra/Puja’ this is for the first time in Bangladesh the Hindus brought out procession and in Dhaka the participants of the procession illegally and forcibly painted the face and body of the Muslim women and girls (stripping their borkas) were forcibly painted with vermilion and none of the Hindu criminals were arrested or punished. The most terrifying step of the government is that official orders were served to each and every schools and colleges by the Bangladesh Ministry of Education to bring out Mongol Procession, what is virtually a part of Hindu religious rites, from on Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year Day). All these are aggression to bring the Muslims within the fold of Hindu culture to peacefully eat up Bangladesh — an open announcement of Modi. 

But despite seeing of these we are not being alarmed. Beggar India becomes richer looting Bangladesh since 1971 and due to the imprudent and power-hunker politicians Beggar India emerged as our lord. They are more scared to India than God to safeguard their self and family interest. To cling to power they depend on India instead of the people of the country. Surrendering everything to the India they threw the country to such a position that India now dares to compel Sheikh Hasina to turn our Armed Forces to the status of a subservient force like that of the defunct Rakhi Bahini and gradually wipe them (Armed Forces) in order to swallow Bangladesh. Though Sheikh Hasina, bringing nothing for Bangladesh, earlier gave away almost all the strategic advantages to India, but India doesn’t consider them as enough.

Sheikh Hasina must comprehend that we will not be the victim of military aggression of any other country, except India. Despite this reality why India puts pressure to sign a defense pact with Bangladesh?  Why India lures us of $500 million on condition of signing the pact? Why India wants such a treaty though its geographical area, demography, economy, armed forces are many times bigger than Bangladesh? It is not an outcome of China-phobia. We don’t have common border with China. So there is no possibility of Chinese aggression against India through Bangladesh territory, rather India has long borders with China. So India has no logic to sign a defense pact with Bangladesh to deter Chinese aggression. It is utterly a lame excuse.

On the other hand, if Indian army officers train our soldiers or our soldiers use India-made arms how they will fight against their against the Indian soldiers, as our soldiers will always suffer from inferiority complexity because  students naturally remain submissive, polite and grateful to their teachers. Besides, nothing regarding our defense system will remain secret to the Indians what is a very vital issue for any forces. Thirdly, like all other materials India-made arms and ammunitions are lowest and worst in respect of quality. So Bangladesh for many reasons cannot buy such materials from India. Moreover, India availing this pact will create such an abnormal situation in Bangladesh so that it can use it to station its forces in Bangladesh. Under that situation Bangladesh Armed Force will become useless and they will be totally abolished

Any type of defense pact or memorandum with or verbal commitment to India will pave the way to delete Bangladesh from the world within the next 50 years, what Sheikh Hasina and all other stooges may be able to see in their lifetime. Bangladesh will experience the most anti-Muslim barbarous and tragic genocide in human history what’s symptoms have already been visible in eliminating the so-called ‘jongis’ where in one operation four minor kids — two months to 10 year old, two women 35 and 55 years old and one male of 37 years were killed branding them as terrorists. Is military operation was essential to subdue one male and two females, if they were even real terrorists? What a tragic fun it is! The victims of all the planted ‘jongi’ operations and all other extrajudicial killings, kidnappings, missing, open and secret murders are the innocent Muslims.

What do all these events signal? Why so many jongi hideouts are being abruptly surfaced just before Sheikh Hasina’s India tour and our smart (! +?) personnel of different forces simply eliminating our youth community.  Who are clandestinely working in these forces? Allegations surfaced repeatedly that many Indians, branding them as Bangladeshis, have been infiltrated in these forces. Why they don’t capture any so-called ‘jongis’ alive? Why all the anti-jongi operations are carried out at night? Why all the elements living in the alleged hideouts are killed? (After reading my article, the intelligent agencies before operation may infiltrate their agents into the alleged hideouts who will be rescued with minor injuries or without injuries and use them to confess that they are members of so and so terrorist group/groups. They will also disclose the names so such leaders or patriotic persons who are totally innocent. On the other hand, according to Indian versions all the Bangladeshi Muslims are their adversaries. So it is better for India to kill them as more as possible applying any excuse. The more the Muslims are killed the more the number of anti-India forces will be reduced. India desires that Bangladesh must not become a home of the anti-India forces. Survival of such Bangladeshis will not be tolerated. Moreover, works divide Bangladesh into several pieces where millions of Indian Hindus will be infiltrated to make the Muslims as minority community in each piece. India has already engaged its allies like Ershad, Serajul Alam Khan, etc., to place prescription to divided Bangladesh into nine provinces, so that India can inject  secessionist movement in each province to merge them finally to India. India adopted varieties of projects to engulf Bangladesh. Indians hope one or the other, among many will be fruitful to reach the target.)

Who are these ‘jongis’? Are the alleged ‘jongis’ really terrorists or  they are those ill-fated inmates who are frequently captioned in print media as ‘missing’? Many observers opine those who are lifted by the unidentified and fake (Indian) agencies are kept in clandestine houses for months where long beard are grown on their face due to non-availability of shaving that ease the way to brand them as fundamentalist Muslim terrorists. Why journalists or independent TV cameramen or human rights activists are not allowed to oversee the operations? It is strongly argued sons of our soil cannot kill the innocent Bangladeshis so inhumanly and ruthlessly, rather the killers are Indians.

Sheikh Hasina now has only one path and that is not to sign in any overt or covert pact or memorandum or give any verbal commitment of such type in exchange of remaining in power and coming back to power. This is the final test for Sheikh Hasina and last resort to the survival of Bangladesh. It will also proof whether Sheikh Hasina is a real patriot or something else?

Being a petty freedom fighter of 1971, I humbly request her: we are the very ordinary common people. We have no greed. We want: let our country survive. Please don’t perish our hard-earned best and lone asset — our independent sovereign Bangladesh — to dust. Don’t be bewildered at the sweet tone or tall-talk of India. Please don’t degrade our country to the status of Bhutan or defunct Sikkim.

Due to defense pact with India our separate geographical identity, viable sovereignty, our independent flag, our in numerous achievements, our prosperity and peaceful happy life will gradually wither away. Don’t degrade our Armed Forces as chowkidars (guards) of India. Don’t be infatuated at Indian offer of $500 million. The Bangladeshis living in abroad will pipeline this money to Bangladesh, even by begging if necessary. Don’t bow down due to any greed or Indian pressure. Don’t try to survive as Indian mercenary or collaborator. It is worthier to die than to live having such disrepute. *

(The contributor is a journalist & researcher. He can be reached at:  এই ইমেইল ঠিকানাটি spambots থেকে রক্ষা করা হচ্ছে। এটি দেখতে হলে আপনার জাভা স্ক্রিপ্ট সক্রিয় থাকতে হবে। )

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